The Other Side of the Action: On Set with John Carpenter

Go back to the glory days of cooperation, collaboration and camaraderie of the early films of John Carpenter from “Halloween” to “Christine”.  Images on the sets of “The Fog” and Escape from New York” too. “On Set with John Carpenter The Photographs of Kim Gottlieb-Walker” by Kim Gottlieb-Walker, foreword by John Carpenter, introduction by  Tony Timpone, $29.95 cloth.  Untitled_jpg_size-230


Rex Ingram: Glamorous Director of the Silent Era

Ingram came to America to study sculpture at the Yale School of Fine Arts in 1911. But he soon became fascinated by filmmaking. His great movies included “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, “Prisoner of Zenda” and “Scaramouche”.  With his actress wife Alice Terry the couple became the center of a glamorous artistic community in Hollywood.  MGM financed Irishman Ingram’sthCEKD4C86 move to the South of France to set up a film studio. Ingram had a controversial private life with his conversion to Islam and his ambiguous sexuality.th5ZIC0W1K


Janet Leigh — “I Never Take a Shower, Never”

Interview with the late actress Janet Leigh, famous for Hitchcock’s “Psycho” in the new issue of “Films of the Golden Age” Fall, 2014 $5.90.  Leigh talked about her early career at MGM  through her made for tv movies which she did because they were shot in Los Angeles. Leighth3TXIQA90 loved working on the “Dean Martin Show” because everyone was so professional  and hard working.  Other profiles in this issue on Carole Lombard and Clark Gable, John Wayne and Barbara Bates. Finally the continuing series “Forgotten Faces to Remember”. thEFLUSHUU


Walt Disney Before “Mickey”

Where did Walt Disney come from? What was his background in Omaha and what were his early movies there like?  He took risks and moved to Los Angeles  and made the “Alice ” movies with live action and animation. From there he had a hit with his Oswald the Rabbit” movies which he ultimately lost.  For Walt and Roy the Hyperion Studio was a major bet for  growing  the business. thEQ4AQALLRead more about this early innovative era of Walt Disney’s career: “Walt Before Mickey Disney’s Early Years, 1919-1928″ by Timothy S. Susanin, $25.00 paper foreword by Diane Disney Miller,  New in paper.


Love Kitties and Movies?

Unite your two favorites kitties and movie stars in one book: “Hollywood Cats Photographs from the John Kobal Collection” introduction by Gareth Abbott, $45.00 cloth. “Bell Book and Candle” are here and “That Darn Cat”.  Leo the lion makes guest appearances with the Hollywood greats.  Look through pictures of Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Ava Gardner and Hayley Mills and their cats. thZPXNHH2V


Elizabeth Pena 1959-2014

Elizabeth Pena 1959-2014 wasth5DOKV7KK born of Cuban parents in New Jersey. Her acting family returned to Cuba until she was nine. In the United States her career included roles in “La Bamba” with Lou Diamond Phillips, “Lone Star” with Chris Cooper, She voiced “Mirage” in “The Incredibles”.  Recently she appeared in television’s “Modern Family” and “Matador”. thHXX4EFCP