Once More Unto the Death Star, Dear Friends

Once more unto the Death Star, dear friends.  William Shakespeare concludes his version of the original Star Trek trilogy in “William Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return” by Ian Doescher, ‘Star Trek Part the Sixth’ $14.95 cloth.  Time to gather up your friends the Star Trek players and put on the play.  “The play’s the thing”.  the-jedi-doth-return-ian-doescher


From ‘Mayne Yiddishe Mame’ to Sing-Along with “Sound of Music”

Trace the rise of the modern musical from its ethnic roots. Whether it be the shtetl, the all Black cast early Hollywood musicals , the Mexican musicals imported into the United States which were first considered marginal. However their traditions were incorporated into the classic Hollywood musical: “The Migration of Musical Film from Ethnic Margins to American Mainstream” by Desiree J. Garcia, $27.95 paper.  thVPMECL2D

The History of Film Is the History of Technology

Paul Schrader recounts the history of film as a history of technological innovation. D.W. Griffith used the extreme close-up in “Broken Blossoms” in improve storytelling in the narrative film.  The limitations of focal length forced him to concentrate on the extreme close-up with soft focus. Read Schrader’s new history in “Film Comment” July/ August, 2014 $5.95. Cover story is on “Boyhood” Richard Linklater’s new film. th15WA3118


Acting Naturally: Jane & Carmen & Lena & Esther & Zsa Zsa

Kristen Pullen explains how the classical Hollywood movie  star spent years on and off camera acting naturally to project an authentic performance. For a Hollywood actor ” playing themselves” is the ability to create a naturalistic style both on and off screen. Follow the careers and lives of Jane Russell, Lena Horne, Carmen Miranda, Esther Williams, and Zsa Zsa Gabor in “Like a Natural Woman Spectacular Female Performance in Classical Hollywood” by Kirsten Pullen, $27.95 paper. ProductImageHandler