Halloween Marathon: Pumpkin Cinema

Up for a Halloween marathon? Get this guide to over a 100 films devoted to Halloween themed movies. “Pumpkin Cinema The Best Movies for Halloween” by Nathaniel Tolle, $24.99 cloth.  The horror, ghost or Halloween themed movies are from around the world.  The volume includes suggestions from Halloween themed episodes from popular television series such as “Modern Family” and “Happy Day” plus spooky cartoons to add to your list. thTRMK1OB4


Saul Bass: Master of Film Design

Saul Bass became the master of film design in the mid twentieth century. His sequence design for the credits of “Vertigo”, “Anatomy of a Murder” and “Man with a Golden Arm” both set a mood and told a story for the coming film. This is the first biography and analysis of the great artist who combined both modern and commercial art. “Saul Bass Anatomy of Film Design ” by Jan-Christopher Horak, $40.00 cloth.th3HOI7UO8


Gerard Depardieu: A Frenchman in New York

Gerard Depardieu plays a character inspired by the Dominic Strauss-Khan scandal in the new film “Welcome to New York”. Depardieu’s reputation for affairs and drinking made the role a good fit and he talks about the movie and his career in the new “So Film” #09 $9.99. Other articles on Benicio Del Toro, John Carpenter, Yakuza cinema and the photographs of Dennis Hopper.th


Bruce Dern: He Shot John Wayne in the Back

Bruce Dern could play such a nasty villain that he was cast to shoot John Wayne in the back in “The Cowboys”.  Now in paperback: “Bruce Dern a Memoir” by Bruce Dern with Christopher Fryer and Robert Crane.  Dern tells inside stories of working with Jack Nicholson and many others.  He was nominated for a best actor Oscar for “Nebraska” and best supporting actor  Oscar for “Coming Home”.  th


Peter Lorre Haunted by “M”

Peter Lorre’s role in “M” made him a star but it typecast him as a melancholy psychopath and sadist for the rest of his career. Remembering Peter Lorre in the new issue of “Sight and Sound” October, 2014 $9.99.  Cover story on David Fincher and and his new film “Gone Girl”.  Also a fine retrospective on the late Lauren Bacall and her two great films “To Have and Have Not” and “The Big Sleep”.   thEEH5DH4P


The Gothic Horror of the 1940’s: Creepy Monster Women

In the 1940’s the horror film became a creepy mix of gothic, monster and women’s film. Plunge into this era of the Val Lewton film: “The Seventh Victim”, “The Cat People”, “Curse of the Cat People” and “I Walked with a Zombie”.  With access to new material ranging from production notes to audience surveys the new book “Phantom Ladies Hollywood Horror and the Home Front” by Tim Snelson, $26.95 paper presents an in depth look a this genre.thO5JVBSCY


Hou Hsiao-hsien — Leader of Taiwanese New Wave

Did you fall for “The Flowers of Shanghai”, “The City of Sadness” or “The Puppetmaster’? You are a follower of Hou Hsiao-hsien the leader of the Taiwanese New Wave. Read more about this gifted filmmaker in “Hou Hsiao-hsien” edited by Richard I. Suchenski, $32.50. Essays by filmmakers and writers such as  Olivier Assayas, Peggy Chiao, Jia Zhang-ke and Kent Jones. thLMPAZLLA