Bronco Billy Chicago Filmmaker

From 1907 through 1913 American moviemakers escaped the dominance of Thomas Edison and set up studios in Chicago.  Bronco Billy Anderson made the first Western in Chicago about the James gang for Essanay where Charlie Chaplin also worked.  The Selig Polyscope studio made the first Wizard of Oz film with L.Frank Baum.  Read about this adventuresome days of moviemaking in “Flickering Empire How Chicago Invented the U.S. Film Industry” by Michael Glover Smith and Adam Selzer, $25.00 paper. thQ816OIA4


5 Greatest Opera Films?

thDU3BRXABThe new issue of “Sight and Sound” March, 2015 $9.99 selects the five greatest opera movies including the newly restored “Tales of Hoffman” 1951 directed by Michael Powell.  Find out what else is on the list.  Other articles inside on “Selma”, Michael Mann’s “Blackhat”, Peter Strickland’s “The Duke of Burgundy”.


“The Big Trail” 70mm Grandeur

It is the 85th anniversary of the Raoul Walsh  film “The Big Tail”.  Shot with 70mm Grandeur cameras by ASC co-founder Arthur Edson, starring John Wayne and with 20,000 extras was a hugely innovative movie.  Find out more about this sprawling 1930 film in the new issue of “American Cinematographer” April, 2015 $5.95.  Other articles on “Chappie”, “Insurgent” and “A Little Chaos”. th9Q6X7Q2Y ththEOGA3197