It Was His First Digital Film “Mad Max Fury Road”

th4OT04WC2Cinematographer John Seale had never shot a digital film before “Mad Max Fury Road”.  He was a Panavision man. When director George Miller asked him what he wanted to use it was first assistant director P.J. Voeten who had to prompt him to respond “Alexas. Probably, Alexas, George”.  Read all about Seale’s work in making the film with Miller in the new issue of “American Cinematographer” June, 2015 $5.95.  Other articles on “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, “Tomorrowland”, “Eden”, “Bessie” and “Far from the Madding Crowd”.  th


Hope Emerson — Breakout Star of Women in Prison Movies

thYNTN8ET3She was the malevolent matron in “Caged”,  the choking masseuse in “Cry of the City”, hoisted Spencer Tracy up by his ankle in “Adam’s Rib” and she was the voice of Elsie the cow for Borden’s Dairy. Hope Emerson at 6’2″ towered over most actors and her very presence was a dominating factor in many of her movie scenes. Emerson is given a tribute in the new “Film Comment” May/June, 2015 $5.95.  The cover story is on Albert Maysles and inside there is a big section on who’s who in Korean cinema. thGGV5TBSX


Much Ado About “Whedon’s World”

th1F3E5PYGNew  essays on the latest Joss Whedon works on “Much Ado About Nothing”, “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, “Cabin in the Woods”,  and “In Your Eyes” in “Joss Whedon The Complete Companion The TV Series, the Movies, the Comic Books and More” revised edition, $19.95 paper.  From cheeky heroines and girls in refrigerators to war and Western values in the Post 9/11 World. All seen in the popular works of writer director Joss Whedon. th3APX8AHX


“Mad Max Fury Road —We shot the film old school” director George Miller

thM7YBWNG8Director George Miller describes how they made “Mad Max Fury Road” in the foreword to the new book “The Art of Mad Max Fury Road” by Abbie Bernstein, $39.95 cloth.  “We shot the film ‘old school’ . As much as possible those are real people,cast and stunties, in the speeding vehicles and catastrophic crashes.” The volume is filled with pictures of vehicles, locations and the actors. Plus storyboards and set design images. th266424R3


Sci-Fi Movie Fan? This Trivia Will Heat You Up

thRPSUQS9YAre you a sci-fi movie fan? Do you have your own cult movies that you will watch over and over? “Westworld”, “Solyent Green”, “Ghostbusters”, “Mars Attacks”, “Men in Black”?  There are many more and you will find plenty of entertaining trivia about them in “Modern Sci-Fi Films FAQ All That’s Left to Know About Time Travel, Alien, Robot, and Out-of-this-world Movies since 1970″ by Tom DeMichael, $24.95 paper.


Did Film Criticism Die with Kael and Ebert?

thQ7FBEUR6Digital media has expanded in the last decades while print media has declined and well paying film criticism jobs have likewise declined.  With the rise of bloggers, message boards and social media the whole world of film criticism was been upended. In this new collection of essays by academics, film critics and bloggers the international scene and the job of the critic is discussed: “Film Criticism in the Digital Age” edited by Mattias Frey and Cecilia Sayad, $31.95 paper.