Gustave and Zero: At Your Service

Lavish new making of  book on the popular Wes Anderson film. Wes  Anderson has created the world of an Eastern European hotelier as told in numerous flashbacks. See the miniatures, sets, costumes, makeup and the writings of Stefan Zweig  Gustave and Zero await your pleasure . “The Grand Budapest Hotel” by Matt Zoller Seitz, $35.00 cloth. Introduction by Anne Washburn. thCBTE7BYE


Favorite Screwball Dog? Asta?

Who is your favorite screwball comedy dog? Best canine sidekick in the genre? Well Asta of course. Star of the “Thin Man” series, “The Awful Truth”, “Bringing Up Baby”.  There are other great dog stars in the movies who may be your standout: Strongheart, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Benji, Uggi?  Who can forget the psychotic Cujo?  “Cinematic Canines Dogs and Their Work in the Fiction Film” edited by Adrienne L. McLean, $27.95 paper.  ththIFVLFOE2


History of Chinese Film 1915-1945 The Affective Cinema

New history of Chinese film from 1915 to 1945.  Understanding Chinese movies within the medium of propaganda, mob violence, sentimentality and war in “Fiery Cinema The Emergence of an Affective Medium in China, 1915-1945″ by Weihong Bao, $30.00 paper.  Movies pictured are “Mulan Joins the Army” 1939, “Paradise on Orphan Island” 1939th


Paramount’s Overnight Star: Veronica Lake

Paramount Picture’s official biography of its star Veronica Lake claims that she is one of the few stars who were truly an overnight success. Her supporting role in “I Wanted Wings” made her a star.  Read how studios promoted their contract players in the new issue of “Nostalgia Digest” Spring, 2015 $4.50.  Also read an excerpt of the book “Orson Welles and Roger Hill: A Friendship in Three Acts” by Todd Tarbox,  Articles on “Boston Blackie” and celebrating the 45th anniversary of the radio show “Those Were the Days”.  th0G7AGPGP

Family, Celebrity and Murder: Robert Crane on Bob Crane

thOW9QSFX9Robert Crane’s memoir of his life centers on the murder of his actor father Bob Crane. Bob Crane had gained fame as the star of television’s “Hogan’s Heroes”.  Robert Crane combines autobiography, biography and true crime in this new book on the success and sordidness of  Hollywood’s celebrity world. “Crane  Sex, Celebrity, and My Father’s Unsolved Murder” by Robert Crane and Christopher Fryer, $29.95 cloth. thU3CVEV6M


Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015 “Live Long and Prosper”

Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015 was born in Boston to Orthodox Jewish immigrants from Ukraine and was acting since the age of eight. He was an actor, director, poet and sometime singer. Nimoy first portrayed ‘Mr.Spock’ in television’s “Star Trek” in 1966. He directed “Star Trek III”, “Star Trek IV” and “Three Men and a Baby”. His autobiographies include “I Am Not Spock” and “I Am Spock” reflecting his ambiguous feelings about the iconic role of “Mr. Spock”. thE6CXRAUT


Frozen: The Graphic Novel

In love with “Frozen”.  Sing “Let it Go” at all times day or night?  Feel like Anna and Elsa are your sisters too?  Want to soak up Norwegian roots of the “Snow Queen”? Enjoy in words and pictures “Disney Frozen the Cinestory” adapted by Robert Simpson, Erik Burnham and John Elder, $14.99 paper, introduction by Leonard Maltin.  Three hundred fifty three pages of “Frozen”th23422379